Aviation Event Coverage for Television

  • We offer a full production solution to cover your event and specialise in
    • Multi-camera coverage
    • Interviews
    • Aerial filming (Drone) 
    • Post production
      • Editing
      • Animated graphics
    • Syndicating to television

Television Commercial Aerial Filming

  • Through our selected partners and skill set we can provide both drone operated cinematography as well as a dedicated helicopter camera ship which utilises the latest in cameras and technology.

Corporate Aviation Promotional AV's

  • Our team will customise a video to meet your requirements whether it be for internal use or for general public viewing. We have a strong team of talented people who ensure we deliver a high-end final product.

Stunt Pilot Hire and Fly

  • We specialise in aviation and therefore have access to a large database of talented world-class pilots. The pilots we work with and utilise all have two major focal points, these being:
    • 1. To deliver a flying sequence in line with the clients requirements making sure you get the needed look and feel for your production.
    • 2. To ensure the environment, in which the filming takes place is safe

Special Aircraft Hire for TVC's

  • As we are in the aviation field, there are hundreds of aircraft that we film and have relationships with the owners. Should there be a specific type of aircraft you require for your production, speak to us and we'll more than likely be able to source the aircraft for you.